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          Dongguan Boxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in 1999, is a focus on adhesive tape, film factory equipment private technology enterprises. After years of development and innovation, it has become a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province and a national high-tech enterprise. Products have obtained a number of national patents, and through CE certification, IS09001 quality management system certification. 

          The company  integrates  R & D, production, sales and after-sales service, strictly controls product quality, saves costs, and provides high-quality services for customers. Our professional R & D team keeps pace with The Times, is committed to product upgrading and innovative design, excellence, the pursuit of excellence. There is also a group of experienced technical sales personnel in-depth market, exact understanding of customer needs, to create value for customers! 

          The company's main products: High-speed  slitting machine, optical material slitting machine, film laminating  slitting machine, heating laminating machine, copper foil/aluminum foil slitting machine, automatic cutting machine, rewinding machine and other equipment. These devices are widely used in electronic die-cutting, microelectronics, printed circuit industry, PCB, FPC, FCCL, MLCC, electronic components and wafer fixed cutting industry, backlight, optical components, solar energy, automotive interior, household appliances and other industries of the application of materials in the strip rewinding. Such as: PET, protective film, release film, fluorine plastic film, the silicon mold membrane, silicone protective film, reflective film, explosion-proof membrane, INS film, PMMA film, FPC/high temperature processing such as ITO glass film, semiconductor QFN process protective film, cell phone/computer/touch panel protective film, polarizing sheet/a good film to the back light / / diffusion film, UV viscosity protective film, AB glue protective film, Automotive anti-fog film, solar backplane film, PVC adhesive and other materia



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