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          What is the performance of thick plate slitter production line

          Published:2022-09-28 16:20:58  Views:417

          What is the function of the thick plate slitter production line? Next, the slitter manufacturer will explain it to you.

          To make it clear, the key of this machine and equipment is to process some thin and thick plates, such as the processing of metal tubes with a thickness of 2mm to 8mm, 3mm to 10mm, and 4mm to 16mm. In order to better satisfy the utilization requirements of different users, thick plate slitting machines with different specifications and models have also been released in the current sales market.

          1. It is very likely to integrate its own specific needs and make choices. From the perspective of structure, the key components of thick plate slitting machine include slitting machine, tensioner, loading car, uncoiler, leveling machine, waste edge winder, winder and dumping equipment. From the perspective of its role, users are likely to rely on this production line to complete the processing of coils with different thicknesses, and at the same time complete the key work such as beneficial uncoiling, straightening, longitudinal shearing, supporting force and unwinding.

          2. This kind of thick plate slitter production line is likely to significantly promote the company's overall manufacturing strength. The key of the production line is to use the management system of PLC numerical control machine tools to take power. In other words, during the operation process, the user is likely to enter data information on the industrial touch screen of the PLC management system according to the total number of specific order information, the total number of order information, the total number of sub orders, the different total width of a piece, the speed, etc.

          3. That way, when the labor volume of the slitter production line is standardized, the actual operation can be completed or the coiled materials can be processed. In a word, the production line is likely to carry out mobility adjustment according to the needs of users. There are measurements. In the whole process of product work, the actual operation is simple, and there is strong operability and high cost performance.



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