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          Metal slitter - reasons for poor width and size

          Published:2022-09-28 16:22:03  Views:400

          What is the reason for the poor overall width of the metal slitter? Next, let's get to know.

          1. During the operation of the metal slitting machine, if the cutter has a problem of lateral shaking, it may cause poor size, such as the lateral shaking of the cutter is different from the diameter of the cutter.

          2. During the production period of the mechanical equipment of the metal slitter, the thick steel plate has the problem of transverse warping, which leads to the poor overall width. This is because the preset value of the matching knife is larger when measuring the broken product in the case of lateral warping.

          Metal slitter

          3. Due to the production and manufacturing operation of metal slitting machine and equipment, there is a certain mutual matching deviation between the spacer sleeves and tools on the side. In general, the thickness precision of spacer sleeve and cutter is 0.005. When there are more pieces in tool allocation, the total deviation will increase.

          4. The upper dimension tolerance is not set well. It should be known that the total width of the product broken by the metal slitting machine and the product side dimension of the total matching knife slightly show the dimensional tolerance. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate such negative difference levels in advance. Refer to the dimension resolution of the spacer sleeve when the product side is equipped with a knife.

          5. The cutting method adopted shall be fully considered. Comparatively speaking, if metal slitting machine and equipment adopt straight pull cutting, then the coil steel supporting force will increase, the lateral warpage will disappear, and the size will also go negative.



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