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          Main functions of each system of metal slitter

          Published:2022-09-28 16:22:38  Views:360

          For metal material slitting machine and equipment, different components have their own functions, which ensures the deformation of the machine and equipment.

          The key role of the aligning arm is that it is likely to have a negative impact on the blank holding and straightening. According to the equipment, it is also likely to be used as a front stopper and a long supporting plate.

          The supporting arm is the key to provide supporting materials in the front of the machine and equipment, and is likely to be different from the appropriate front stopper to complete the measurement of the whole machine.

          Plate support equipment. Generally, this equipment is set behind the cutter head, which is likely to make the material resist the back stop, and has a certain supporting effect, which is likely to prevent the material from showing the problem of looseness, and is helpful to find the wound site more appropriately.

          The key role of the manual centralized lubrication management system of the metal material slitter is to supply oil to several lubrication points. The product lubrication management system is likely to provide lubricating oil for different parts that need lubrication.

          The key role of manual or actual operation of the rear stopper in front of the motor is to adjust the specifications of the rear stopper, so as to obtain the blanking specifications behind the master cutter head. In addition, there are also manual knife edge clearance controllers and electric knife edge clearance controllers, which are likely to adjust the knife edge clearance appropriately.



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