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          Performance and technical parameters of metal slitter

          Published:2022-09-28 16:23:16  Views:379

          The metal slitter manufacturer will explain the functions and technical parameters of the metal slitter.

          1. Important functions

          Analyzed from the functional characteristics of the metal slitting machine, the machine has many functions, including laminating, slitting and rewinding.

          Therefore, for many customers, the choice of this equipment may reduce the capital investment for purchasing multiple machines. At the same time, in the process of using the equipment, it may also reduce the labor cost caused by multiple people starting up.

          In order to meet the utilization requirements of different users, this metal slitter is also particularly mobile, which adopts the high and low round knife cutting method, and the user may choose straight knife or air knife, which is very convenient. The winding of the equipment belongs to high and low single axis swing arm winding, which adopts high-precision gas sensing correction, and the equipment is equipped with an independent feeding rack device. In addition, the receiving/discharging shaft of the equipment is controlled by magnetic particle clutch, the host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the side guide shaft is high-precision aluminum alloy optical shaft.

          2. Technical parameters of slitter equipment

          This metal slitter may be used for slitting different kinds of chat, such as film, paper and foam. Secondly, in case of abnormal operation, the mechanical speed of the equipment can reach 120 meters per minute, and the cutting speed can reach 5 to 100 meters per minute. The width of the processable data is 1300 mm.

          During abnormal operation, the total power of the equipment is 7KW. The unwinding diameter of the metal slitter can reach 1000mm, the winding diameter is 350, and the cutting accuracy is ± 0.1.

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