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          Composition and function of metal slitter

          Published:2022-09-28 16:24:20  Views:397

          To put it bluntly, the metal slitting machine is an industrial equipment that is likely to obtain strips of required specifications and models by longitudinal sectioning different amorphous strips. After such production and processing, it is likely to provide convenience for subsequent production and processing. Next, the metal slitter manufacturer will briefly introduce the generation and function of the metal slitter.

          Generation of metal slitter:

          In fact, the metal slitting machine consists of seven key components, each of which has a different role. Distinguished as: base; Fixed arch; Manual movement of theme activity arches; Cutter shaft; Rotation of cutter shaft; The cutter shaft is clamped; It is the cutter head that remains unchanged. In general, the diameter of the cutter head is 240Mm.

          Role of metal slitter:

          We are likely to respond to this problem from specific work. For example, we are likely to carry out the solution of cutting and printing paper with metal slitting machine, which is also a more common use; Or it is very likely to solve the problem by cutting the metal waterproof coiled materials. The key materials available are: hot rolled strip steel, stainless steel plate and copper. In addition, it is also likely to be used to cut leather products, cloth, plastic, plastic film and other required fields.

          Above is the sharing of the production and function of the metal slitter produced by the metal slitter manufacturer. To learn a lot of news about the slitter, please pay attention to our official website.



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