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          Material and technical parameters of metal slitter blade

          Published:2022-09-28 16:25:15  Views:388

          The metal slitter manufacturer will explain the material and technical parameters of the slitter blade.

          1. Production steps of metal slitter blade

          According to the actual production situation, the important production steps for the slitter blade may be summarized as follows: selection data - high temperature tempering - finishing - examination - quenching - annealing - quenching and tempering - rough grinding - fine grinding - examination, and then packaging and leaving the factory.

          2. Technical parameters of metal slitter blade

          Generally, in order to ensure the abnormal operation of the slitter equipment, the outer diameter of the blade is 800 mm, the outer diameter is 100 mm, and the thickness is 3-60 mm. The thickness of the spacer is 0.8-200mm. In addition, 65Mn separator is nominally chrome plated. The important processes adopted in heat treatment include vacuum quenching, high-frequency quenching and salt furnace quenching.

          3. Material of metal slitter blade

          As users, when processing different materials, we should not only select the specifications of the slitter equipment, but also ensure that the blade materials are suitable. At present, the important materials of the blade include: 6CrW2S


          5. W18Cr4V, etc., the specification is generally 10-2000mm, and the thickness tolerance is ± 0.001.



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