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          Paper tube winder
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          Automatic paper tube finishing machine
          Type:Paper tube winder
          Published:2022-10-11 08:56:26
          Product introduction:
          Specifications:Feeding width: 1350mm/1600mmMinimum cutting width: 1mmCutting accuracy: ± 0.1mmShift drive: stepping nume
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          Feeding width: 1350mm/1600mm

          Minimum cutting width: 1mm

          Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm

          Shift drive: stepping numerical control system

          Feed drive: pneumatic system

          Specification of cutting shaft: ? 76mm (other specifications can be replaced)

          Tool configuration: alloy round tool

          Operating voltage: 380V 50HZ

          Power: 4 KW

          Others: air compressor provided by the user (air pressure>8kg/cm2)


          Used for slitting various paper tubes, PE tubes, etc


          ● Feed mode: pneumatic feed.

          ● Cutterbed displacement: ball screw drive, CNC motor drive.

          ● Positioning of slitting specification: data input of man-machine interface, automatic positioning of CNC motor.

          ● Cutterbed guide: precision square straight slide guide, stable and reliable.

          ● Cutting mode: input the cutting specification and quantity on the human-computer interface, and automatically cut.

          ● Data processing: centralized processing by PLC programmable control processor.

          ● Blade style: single knife, round knife slitting.

          ● Safety protection: A Underpressure protection device: when the air pressure of the air source is lower than the air pressure value, the machine will automatically stop or cannot be started, and the alarm will sound to effectively protect the user. B. When the tailstock of the cutting spindle is not closed, the machine cannot be started. If the tailstock is opened abnormally during the working process, the machine will stop automatically and give an alarm sound at the same time, effectively protecting users.

          ● Operation mode: man-machine interface and manual operation box.

          ● Cutting spindle: the cutting spindle can be replaced according to different paper tube diameters

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