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          Paper tube winder
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          Large twill pipe rolling machine
          Type:Paper tube winder
          Published:2022-10-11 09:01:50
          Product introduction:
          Specifications:Paper tube length range: 300 mm - unlimited lengthPaper tube thickness range: 3mm -- 25mmDiameter range o
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          Paper tube length range: 300 mm - unlimited length

          Paper tube thickness range: 3mm -- 25mm

          Diameter range of paper tube: ? 100mm - ? 500mm

          Maximum winding speed: 8m/min

          Gluing method: single side gluing, double side gluing (optional)

          Operating voltage: 380V 50HZ

          Maximum power: 25KW

          Number of pipe reels: 4

          Cutting system: professional chasing shear servo system


          It is specially used to produce large-sized and high-strength twill (threaded) paper tubes.


          ● Paper loading mode: equipped with independent paper loading rack, each rack can be hung with multiple paper rolls, and the number of paper racks can be increased or decreased at will according to the change of coil thickness. Linear feeding, low resistance, avoid paper breakage as far as possible.

          ● Gluing method: two gluing methods are available: single side gluing and double side gluing. Both are automatic glue applicators, which are equipped with independent automatic waxing machines to wax the backing paper, greatly reducing the friction between the backing paper and the reel shaft, and making the reel more smooth. The waxing machine is electrically heated and the temperature can be automatically controlled.

          ● Coiling method: four machine heads are used to roll the pipe, which is driven by a special high-strength gear box. The gear box is connected with the motor by a universal joint. The power of the winding pipe is strong, and the output paper pipe is a high-strength paper pipe. The tightness of the winding pipe belt is adjusted by the hydraulic system and can be controlled on the console, which is very convenient. The whole reeling system runs smoothly, the reeling force is large, and the paper tube quality is guaranteed.

          ● Driving mode: high-power AC motor, vector frequency converter control, stepless speed regulation; The vector AC variable-frequency motor has the characteristics of stable power output and constant torque during high-speed and low-speed operation, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the machine will crash due to slow speed.

          ● Cutting mode: the cutting machine is driven by a professional chasing shear servo system, with accurate cutting length positioning, fast response and excellent synchronization performance. The alloy round knife or serrated knife can be used for cutting. The knife is driven by an independent motor, with thorough cutting and flat end face.

          ● Data processing: various parameters, such as cutting width, function selection, etc., are input through the touch screen. All data are centrally controlled via the microcomputer integrated in the chasing and shearing system, with a high degree of automation.



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